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What is costs mediation?

Costs mediation is a type of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), which can be a more cost-effective and efficient method of resolving legal costs disputes than going through Court proceedings. Litigation can be particularly expensive and often risky, so there has been an increased use of mediation to solve issues, and this saves time and resources for both parties. 

With mediation, the process is confidential and completely voluntary. An independent third party usually helps the two disputing parties focus on the issue and consider the best way of solving it. Although the mediator considers the needs of both sides before coming to a mutually acceptable outcome, it is controlled by the parties. It enables them to identify outcomes which may not be possible through litigation.

Why is costs mediation encouraged?

The Courts are actively encouraging parties to attempt mediation before proceeding to Court when negotiations fail following a detailed assessment. Therefore, this process is an easier way to explore settlement options because the decision to reach a settlement will be made by the parties rather than a Judge.

Costs mediation can also help to preserve relationships. Settling a dispute through a Court hearing can add pressure on the existing relationship between the two parties.

Similar to other forms of mediation, when both parties reach an agreement, they can draft and sign a legally binding document which will reflect their agreed terms. Hence, there will be no need to spend further money to attend a Court Hearing.

What is the process of costs mediation?

A costs mediation service is offered by our specialist costs mediators who can assist with narrowing the issues, finding common ground, and exploring settlement options which are acceptable to both parties. It should only be considered after the bill; points of dispute and replies have been served.

Mediation is a flexible process and can be altered to fit the needs of each party. There are 5 formal steps to mediation:

1)     Arranging the mediation

2)     Opening statements

3)     Communication between the parties and mediator

4)     Negotiations

5)     Closing Statements

How much does mediation cost?


A costs mediator will be able to provide you with an accurate estimate of how much it is likely to cost (depending on the number of sessions you will need to reach an agreement), along with the cost of drafting any necessary documentation.

Typically, costs mediation requires a full day’s mediation session. We aim to make our mediation service a simple and straightforward process, so we charge based on fixed fees and hourly rates.

Legal aid may be available in some circumstances; however, this is more commonly available for use in family mediation sessions.

How can Your Legal Advisor Assist?

Your Legal Advisor have highly experienced cost mediators that come from a legal costs background. All of our mediators are fully trained and participate in continuous professional development.  

We have extensive experience dealing with a range of disputes including costs mediation. We can provide further information on legal costs mediation as that is our area of expertise and we have a range of other services available.

If you wish to speak to one of the team to find out more about our costs mediator solicitors, then please note that you can contact us at or by telephone on 01204263049. 

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