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Your Legal Advisor will connect you with the bests Costs Lawyers and Law Costs Draftsmen to assist you in the recovery and negotiation of your legal costs, whist providing expert legal advice on costs.

What are legal costs?


In any legal matter, legal costs will be incurred by all parties. The general rule of thumb in inter partes costs cases is that the losing party pays the costs of the winning party; however this is not always the case, and ultimately, the Court has discretion to order costs.

Costs may include Court fees, expert fees, and hourly rates. Following a Court ordering costs, the receiving party may be required to negotiate the level of costs payable by the paying party through the detailed assessment process. If costs cannot be agreed using this process, a Detailed Assessment Hearing will be required, whereby a Judge will issue a Costs Order detailing the amount of costs payable. Addition Court costs will be incurred if a Hearing is required.

Costs may also be charged to a client by a solicitor. The solicitors charges are usually agreed at the beginning of a case using an hourly rate or an alternative funding agreement. Many solicitors use conditional fee agreements or damages based agreements to cover the costs of their legal services.

In these types of cases, a success fee is usually charged on conclusion of the case. A sum for Legal Expenses Insurance is often included within a solicitors charges.

How can a costs expert assist with legal costs?

Law costs draftsmen and costs lawyers can assist in all stages of the costs process. They can assist from the outset of a case by ensuring that the wording of conditional fee agreements are compliant. They can also assist in the drafting of costs budgets (Precedent H) and bills of costs following any costs order.

A  costs expert will assist in the recovery and negotiation of costs throughout the process of detailed assessment and costs lawyers can represent parties at Detailed Assessment hearings.

Our costs specialist will assist in the recovery of receiving parties costs as well as the negotiation of paying parties costs to reduce the amount payable within a bill of costs. They can also assist in the recovery and negotiation of inter partes costs in legal aid cases.

Why instruct a costs specialist to assist you?

Law Costs Draftsmen and Costs Lawyers have vast amounts of knowledge and experience in costs as they specialise in this area. Using a legal costs specialist is beneficial for maximising the level of costs you receive in your costs recovery. They are also experts in negotiating Bills of Costs to reduce your costs liability if you are the paying party.

Most costs firms have strict service level agreements (SLA) meaning that the amount of time spent on costs work will be significantly reduced. On the majority of occasions, outsourcing your costs work to a professional costs specialist will mean that the turnaround time will be much faster than completing the work in-house.

There are many instances when Solicitors and fee earners in law firms are inundated with large amounts of work. Therefore, using a Law Costs Draftsmen takes the pressure of legal costs off the Solicitor.

In addition, all Costs Lawyers must hold professional indemnity insurance, ensuring that your legal costs claim is protected with professional representation.

Choosing a costs specialist

Choosing an expert to deal with your costs matters can be extremely daunting. Your Legal Advisor understand the importance of instructing the right specialist to ensure you pay or receive the correct level of costs. We would highly recommend the use of the costs firms below.

Get in touch with them directly, or use the form at the bottom of the page, and we will arrange an appointment with a specialist legal costs professional.

ARC Costs

ARC Costs – ARC Costs provide a nationwide Costs Draftsman and costs lawyer service with over 20 years of experience. They can help with your costs budgets, detailed bills of costs and negotiation needs. They are a fully paperless firm with the ability to work remotely. Their Costs Lawyers are authorised and regulated by the Costs Lawyer Standards Board and can represent both paying and receiving parties at assessment hearings.

LPS Costs

Legal Practice Support Costs is a niche legal costs draftsman firm based in the North West providing inter-parties costs advice and drafting services, with particular focus on prompt turnaround times. Their Costs Lawyers are authorised and regulated by the Costs Lawyer Standards Board and can represent both paying and receiving parties at assessment hearings.

Greener Costs

Greener Costs are a legal costs drafting company, but greener. They offer all legal costs drafting services, including costs budgets, bills of costs and costs negotiations. Greener Costs are dedicated to protecting the environment and aim to offset carbon emissions for law firms who utilise their costs drafting services.

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